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Smart technology for better life & future

GlaView® Transparent Screen

It is a product that realizes light scattering and transparency at the same time by coating a nanoparticle-sized material on a transparent PET film and is used in conjunction with a beam projector to serve as a transparent double-sided screen for advertising.

  • Inducing interest and attention of customers by the advertising effect through the transparent glass window
  • Realizing both rear and front images simultaneously (image brightness ---> Rear:front = 10:5)
  • It can be cut to fit the size of the site and used, so large-area images are possible (film type)
  • Clear view and openness

Product specifications

Film Type Glass Type Remarks
Transmittance (%) 80.7 78

The brightness and color of the image may differ depending on the usage environment and projector type

Measuring instrument : Haze meter (Model Name : NDH 7000) by Nippon DENSHOKU

The above data are measured values and are not guaranteed values

Haze (%) 19 20
Hardness 2H -
Thickness (mm) 0.1 11
Max size (mm) 1,050 × Inquiry 1,050 × 3,000
Recommended environment for installation 30 (Lux) or less, relatively dark room
Projection method Rear method, (Rear:Front=10:5)

Main uses

Window display and advertisement, various stores/showrooms, museums, public relations halls, exhibition halls, wedding halls, etc.

Applicable areas

  • ALL
  • Media art exhibition hall
  • Apartment tea house
  • Public relations hall
  • Model house
  • Transparent media wall