Smart technology
for better life & future


Smart technology for better life & future

LC Smart Window

A film and glass product with a function of controlling light transmittance (field of view) through voltage by applying Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology The principle of operation is based on a technology that allows light to pass through (transparent) or scatter (opaque) by the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules in a regular and irregular arrangement by an electric field according to voltage application.

  • Advanced functional glass with the electro-optical performance of liquid crystal material and the function of laminated glass
  • Easy and quick conversion between transparent and opaque (Privacy) and video mode with a single switch
  • Reduces installation cost of separate curtains or blinds by quickly and easily controlling anti-glare and privacy with an electric device
  • Prevents skin aging and protects interior materials by blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays entering the room
  • Visible light transparency is maintained in opaque mode, saving indoor lighting energy during the day
  • Prevents scattering and intrusion from outside when glass is broken
  • The film inside the glass absorbs the vibration of sound, which has a noise reduction effect

Product specifications

LC-Smart Film LC-Smart Glass
Optical properties Transmittance (%) off 66 55
on 82 79
Haze (%) off 99 99
on 2~3 3~4
Max size (mm) 1,500 X 3,000
Thickness (mm) 0.4 11
Driving voltage (V) 40 ~ 100
Operating temperature (℃) -20 ~ 80
Frequency (Hz) 50 ~ 60
Power consumption (W/㎡) 5 ~ 10
Response speed Within 1 second

Main uses

Various windows in business and residential spaces, glass window promotional videos, automobiles, etc.

Applicable areas

  • ALL
  • Fixed window
  • Fixed window + Door
  • Sliding door
  • 3-interlocking auto middle door
  • Frameless folding door
  • Folding door
  • Curved glass
  • Video screen
  • Auto door
  • Camping car
  • Window